FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  What are the prices with VAT?

IX10 (two rows):
Basic: €610
MIDI: €850
MIDI with RGB lights: €880

IX11 (three rows):
MIDI: €950
MIDI with RGB lights: €980

Traditional buttons: +90€
Felts: +€10 (plastic in any color or real felts in red, green, white or black)
Wooden: +€60 (walnut, beech, maple, cherry or lime)
Soft case: +40€
Hard box: +120€
Professionals can deduct VAT (artists or teachers, freelancers, music schools, town councils...).

A basic accordion can be upgraded to MIDI by paying a €300 upgrade.
An IX10 MIDI accordion can be upgraded to IX11 by paying an upgrade of €150.

Buying several accordions has a discount!
Specifically, each additional accordion will have an additional discount of €50, that is, buying 4 accordions, the second will have a discount of €50, the third of €100 and the fourth of €150.
The condition for applying this discount is that the design of all accordions purchased together is similar.
This means in the case of plastic accordions that the color and text may vary from one to another, but the logos will not.
With wooden accordions it is similar, the wood and the color of the design can vary as can any text, but the logos cannot.
Below is an example of the discount for IX10 MIDI accordions:

Quantity     | Discount    | Price
      1          €   0   €850  
      2         €  50   | €800     
      3          € 100   €750
               € 150   €700                   
               € 200   €650                   
               € 250   €600            
               € 300   €550            
               €  350  €500               
               €  400  €450               
     10          €  450  €400               

This discount can be useful for example in the following cases:
·Joint group purchases: if a similar design is agreed upon, the total discount can be shared among several people.
·For music schools, which buy several accordions for their students.
·For resale, buying several accordions at a discount and selling them one by one with a margin.

What will I receive?
In a cardboard box you will receive the following:
  • The accordion
  • 2 straps
  • USB Cable (Type A male - Type C male)
  • Behringer UCA222  ultra-low latency audio interface (not essential but its use is highly recommended, especially on Windows computers)

Does this type of accordion have speakers?
No, it is a peripheral device that must be connected to a host (computer or mobile) who assigns a sound from any instrument to the information provided by the accordion.

What is the difference between basic and MIDI?
The basic one only works on Windows devices with the  STB program  (free downloadable on our website). MIDI can work on any device (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux...).
Additionally, MIDI can be used to  directly write scores .

What is the function of RGB lights?
In addition to the obvious aesthetic function, since you can choose any color (fixed or reactionary to pulses) as various effects, the lights can also be used together with the STB program (at the moment only available for Windows computers) to record songs that can later be played. played on the accordion, so that the keys to be pressed light up in sequence, in red when they must be pressed by opening the bellows or in green when the bellows must be closed, and the speed can even be varied.

How does the bellows work?
The part where the left hand goes is flexible. By pushing inward, activating the mechanism, the accordion detects that the bellows is trying to close. If the accordion is not pushed in, it understands that the bellows is opening (that is, there is no need to pull it out).

How is the design chosen?
The base price corresponds to a plastic accordion. In these you can choose the desired colors, and to try different color combinations the recommended starting point is   our configurator . In addition to those offered in the configurator, it is also possible to add any text or logo without extra cost.
On the other hand, it is also possible to choose a wooden accordion, specifically you can choose cherry, walnut, beech, maple or lime wood. 

What are the 6 additional buttons above for? 
They are configuration buttons. The function of each of them can be chosen by the user. The initial proposal is the following: (the function after the / is a secondary function if the button is pressed while the bellows is pressed):
1. Raise the key by half a tone / lower by a half tone
2. Raise right hand octave / lower it
3. Raise left hand octave / lower it
4. Change key to Sol-Do / La-Re
5. Change key to B flat-E flat/ Activate-deactivate percussion in the bass
6. Switch Instrument Set (MIDI Channels) / Low Octave Record On-Off
Any other function you can imagine is probably possible to implement without extra cost, contact us with your proposal!

Is it possible to change the notes that correspond to each button?
Yes, it is possible to choose the desired note map, even have two or more maps to choose from using the configuration buttons.
Using the STB program you can even hot-change the note or function map.
The number of buttons is also configurable. For the right hand you can choose up to 14 buttons and for the left hand up to 13.

What is the latency from when a key is pressed until the sound is heard?
The reading rate is 1000Hz, that is, the maximum reporting latency of the accordion is only 1ms. The delay from when the host receives the information until it plays the corresponding note can vary to a greater extent depending on the host and plugin used, but is usually around the following times:
MIDI: ~8ms.
Basic: ~15ms (STB program must perform the translation between key and note)
In any case the latency is imperceptible.

Is it possible to use it wirelessly?
Yes, with a  CME WIDI uHost adapter .
Latency is increased in just ~3ms.

How much does it weigh?

Does it sound the same as a trikitixa?
Yes, it can sound just like a professional 4-voice Soinu Txiki, or even like a classic Larrinaga Guerrini thanks to the free plugins we have developed (VST, AU and sf2 type).
In addition to these instruments, you can choose from countless other sounds available on the internet (largely for free). If you don't know how to use this type of plugins, don't worry, we will help you and teach you at no additional cost!

Where can I download the plugins and software?
Here you can find all the downloads:  Soinu Txiki Public Repo

How can I place an order?

Is there a tutorial or manual?